Working With Parents

Once I was literally backed into a corner by a ranting mom. She yelled and waved her arms while I was trapped with my back to the wall, wondering what to do. There was no one to help me in my isolated computer lab. It was just the two of us. Every time I opened … Continue reading Working With Parents

Teach Them to Remember

I have to admit there are times when I just don’t think I can say “without talking” or “please get started immediately” one more time without screaming. We all know the importance of giving clear prompts and directions to students. In fact, I believe the ability to give clear instructions is one of the most … Continue reading Teach Them to Remember

Consistency or Flexibility?

As a student, one of the things I hated most was when a teacher would say one thing and then do something else. In college I was incensed and outraged when one of my professors added an assignment that wasn’t on the syllabus. “She said our grade was going to be based on five papers … Continue reading Consistency or Flexibility?

You Can Be a Struggler Without Being a Failure

If you’ve been reading my Sanity Boosts for awhile, you know I’m not always about sunshine and flowers. I share my struggles as well as my victories, and I know(believe me, I know!) that teaching is not easy. What if we could re-frame our struggles into something beneficial and powerful? Even after a few successful … Continue reading You Can Be a Struggler Without Being a Failure